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Create Your Own Microlearning Journey with Code of Talent

Experience the digital ecosystem in a nontraditional way to maximize your company’s sales organization.


Coca Cola Case Study – How Digital Microlearning Revolutionized the FMCG

Code of Talent was approached by Coca Cola, the largest beverage company, to increase sales organization agility and maximize the learning process. The goal was to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired during training and practical skills needed to make an impact in the market. Coca Cola also needed to support its business needs reflected in three strategic objectives: Revenue Growth Management (RGM), Renew Category Growth (RCG), and Route to Market (RTM).

Code of Talent integrated the strategic elements of microlearning to create a skill-building course aimed at enhancing performance. This served as a gamified journey for the employees and allowed for social learning via the transfer of knowledge. By creating a digital ecosystem, Code of Talent gave the sales community access to group and individual solutions, and promoted process transparency. Consequentially, sales trainers became directly responsible for reflecting business results.

In doing so, Code of Talent provided a practical and dynamic solution with both qualitative and quantitative measurements.


Why Choose Us?

Code of Talent isn’t your average microlearning platform. Our team helps in bridging the gap between the learning process and the final goal. We’ll make it easier for your organization to bring about a behavior change within the workforce and create a greater business impact.

With the help of Code of Talent, your company can use its own content assets for implementing highly engaging and innovative digital learning experiences. In addition to this, we’ll help you rethink and re-strategize your sales initiatives, new product launches, new employee onboarding processes, and changes in management programs.

Code of Talent provides 10x higher user completion and engagement levels than what traditional e-learning platforms do. Our digital microlearning platform allows for seamless integration of learning into the workflow, making it easier and more exciting for employees to deliver real-time results.

About Code of Talent

An award-winning SaaS platform, Code of Talent strives to provide businesses a platform where their employees can convert knowing into doing with minimum training time and costs. This transfer of knowledge for skill development is essential for a business’ digital microlearning journey. Code of Talent facilitates sales managers and corporate trainers to provide an engaging digital platform that’s highly social, self-paced, manager assisted, and gamified to drive engagement.

We’ve worked with a range of top-tier companies, including Coca-Cola, Renault, BAT, Continental, and Aspen Global. Get in touch with our team today to get started!

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